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  • 25 3D scans from Louvre Museum

    25 3D scans from Louvre Museum These twenty five 3D scans models were generated for...

  • PARIS. 25 3D scans from Louvre Museum

    PARIS. 25 3D scans from Louvre Museum These twenty five 3D scans models were generated...

  • 3DF Zephyr 5.019 Multilingual

    3DF Zephyr 5.019 (x64) Multilingual | 211.1 Mb 3DF Zephyr allows you to reconstruct 3D...

    3DF Zephyr comes with a user-friendly interface, and the possibility to export in many common 3D formats or even to generate lossless video without the need for external tools. Furthermore, 3DF Zephyr has a lot of advances functionalities, and you can, for example, edit your models, create true orthophotos, digital...

  • Artstation – Lips Detail Alpha Pack (zbrush, blender, 3dcoat, substance)

    Artstation – Lips Detail Alpha Pack (zbrush, blender, 3dcoat, substance)https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/Rpwn/lips-detail-alpha-pack-zbrush-blender-3dcoat-substanceSculpting detailed lips by hand is...

    ●5 sets of lips alphas with unique look. ✔
    Each set is conveniently split into chunks to simplify detailing the curved surface of the lips.
    Also included: workflow guides, showing how to get perfect results from your alphas.
    Guides are available for zBrush, Blender, Substance Painter, 3dcoat.
    zBrush >>> lips_zbrush.zip
    blender >>>...

  • 3delite Duplicate Picture Finder

    3delite Duplicate Picture Finder | 44.4 Mb Duplicate Picture Finder is a utility for...

    Find duplicate pictures that are exact copy of each other
    Find duplicate pictures that have the same content
    Matching pictures are displayed in groups
    Preview matching pictures and their EXIF information
    Select pictures by criteria and delete pictures that are not needed
    Multi threaded processing of the images
    Full unicode support
    Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7,...

  • 3delite Similar Picture Finder

    3delite Similar Picture Finder (x64) | 23.3 Mb Similar Picture Finder is a utility...

    Note that no AI is used, for example if a reference picture is an \'apples on a table\', the application will not find pictures that contain also \'apples on a table\' just, for example, the same scene taken multiple times with a little camera movement or there is some text...

  • 3ds max 4 Bible

    3ds max 4 Bible 1312 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0764535846 | ISBN-13: 9780764535840 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0764535846

  • 3ds max 7 Bible

    3ds max 7 Bible 1310 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0764579711 | ISBN-13: 9780764579714 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0764579711

  • 3DDD/3DSky PRO Models - Decorations Pictures Bundle

    MAX | TEX


  • Udemy - SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 Eğitimi - 3DVIA - CATIA

    Udemy - SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 Eğitimi - 3DVIA - CATIA https://www.udemy.com/course/solidworks-composer-egitimi/

    Description Dokümantasyon için içerik oluşturma ve Animasyon Teknikleri Course contentBaşlangıçSOLIDWORKS Composer'da Dokümantasyon'a GirişSOLIDWORKS Composer Terminolojisi ve Doküman AyarlarıDokümantasyon OluşturmaKapak ve Detay Görünümleri OluşturmaPatlatılmış Görünüm OluşturmaDetaylı Patlatılmış Görünümler ve İnteraktif DokümanlarMalzeme Listesi ve Vektörel ÇıktılarPazarlama Fotoğrafı OluşturmaAnimasyon TeknikleriAnimasyon Oluşturmaİleri Animasyon ve Etkileşimli İçeriklerKamera AnimasyonuAnimasyonlara Özel Efektler EklemekEk BilgilerSOLIDWORKS Composer Dosyalarını GüncellemeSOLIDWORKS...

  • 3ds Max 2011 Bible

    3ds Max 2011 Bible 1312 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0470617772 | ISBN-13: 9780470617779 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0470617772

  • Introducing 3ds Max 2008

    Introducing 3ds Max 2008 620 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0470184949 | ISBN-13: 9780470184943 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0470184949

  • Introducing 3ds Max 9: 3D for Beginners

    Introducing 3ds Max 9: 3D for Beginners 535 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0470097612 |...

  • 3ds Max 2009 Bible

    3ds Max 2009 Bible 1268 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0470381302 | ISBN-13: 9780470381304 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0470381302

  • Space School – Photoreal Renders in 3dsMax & Corona

    Space School – Photoreal Renders in 3dsMax & Coronahttps://space-course.com/You will learn how to model interiors...

    Step-by-step and structured study of a topic from simple to complex;
    Individual analysis and revision of the project of each student;
    Help in installing programs;
    The opportunity to work out the course on the
    project of your choice;

  • Basic Mesh Modeling with 3DSMAX: Sanitaryware Objects

    Basic Mesh Modeling with 3DSMAX: Sanitaryware Objects https://www.udemy.com/course/basic-mesh-modeling-with-3dsmax-sanitaryware-objects/ Modeling Sanitaryware objects with 3DSMAX

    What you'll learn Students will learn basic mesh modeling techniques in 3DSMAX. Requirements A beginner level 3DSMAX experience. A Windows PC. Any version of 3DSMAX. Description This is an upper beginner to intermediate mesh / polygonal modeling course. In this course, we will practice modeling sanitaryware objects in 3DSMAX. We...

  • 3ds max


    3ds max

    3ds max 208 pages | Russian | ISBN-10: 5941577052 | ISBN-13: 978-5941577057 https://www.amazon.com/dp/5941577052